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Free ZINE you can print!

March 29, 2018 7 comments

How To Zine

How to Zine by Shellie Lewis: print and distribute this free zine! I made this zine to gift out to people and share the hobby with new people. Making zines are an easy way to start being creative with publishing. They are very accessible due to being small, short works. You can give away copies at all kinds of places: conventions, libraries, Little Free Libraries, schools, Makerspaces, coffee shops, art stores, zinefests, etc.

Here is a PDF:

How To Zine

I was targeting tweens and teens, because as an artist I want to do my part to keep them off drugs, alcohol, cyberbullying and analog photography. Anyone can print this and share it forward, as it is presented here, for free.

Make an Urban Mailbox Flag

August 22, 2016 Leave a comment



Folks in the country have it so easy. They put up the flag up on their mailbox and the postal carrier takes their mail. In the city, you have to drop your mail in a corner box (which sits out on the street in the snow and rain, and the occasional evil soul uses for a trash bin) or you need to transport your mail to the post office itself.

I came up with an easy life hack by making a little tag asking my letter carrier to take my mail. It can be flipped in and out of the apartment lock box. I used ribbons threaded through the tag holder opening and made sure the tag hangs higher than the bottom of the box.





En plein alley

July 27, 2016 1 comment



Don’t think of it as graffiti as much as alley enhancement. Looks like this art was made with an Xacto knife, a roll of gift wrap and wheat based wallpaper paste. I should go back with a roll of hockey tape and give the easel some legs. It just seems weird floating in the air.

Terra Cotta Building Facia

terra cotta facia


One thing I like about my part of Chicago is that many of the old buildings have wonderful century-old terra cotta decorations. It’s easy to be nostalgic about antiques in Chicago because older architecture shows how much people in the past cared to make something beautiful. This glazed rose pattern frames the doorway to an apartment building.

Street Art Round-Up

March 10, 2016 2 comments

SA 01


Here is a round-up of some street art snaps around town!

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Recycled Motherboards Installation


107 by Shaikha Al Mazrou, 2009, circuit boards


I saw this piece in the Robert Morris University gallery downtown and it has a terrific presence based on its size. This is where the grid and manufactured color come together with recycled materials. I think many if not all of these circuit boards were laptop motherboards since the prongs for the CPU chips were visible on many of the pieces. In addition to the colored boards being arranged, all of the solder lines and solder points for the boards give the installation depth though the secondary, intricate pattern of metal throughout the whole surface.

Two photos of the sky

October 9, 2015 5 comments


sunburst photo 2015WP-White-Bar-550x10


Definitely, if you have limited time to be creative, I think photography is the fastest media to create with; especially for people who have high end cameras in their pocket with high end smartphones. I envy the high end smartphones since they can do so much a computer can and the image quality of the cameras just keep getting better. I saw a gentleman just the other day notice a reflected light off a car and pull out his phone to capture it.

I trucked around a DSLR for these two shots. The daytime sky is recent, I ran home for the camera after walking the dogs. I was after a mint green color cicada on a tree, but he dissed me and flew away. You can never rely on wild creatures to stay put.


full moon 2014


This nighttime shot makes me laugh a little because the only photography professor I even had told my class he would fail anyone handing in pictures of the moon or their pets. The man had apparently had enough of both of those subjects. I saw this as a photograph the second I got off the train and walked past it. I would make an argument about the light off the rails of the tracks being the emphasis, the moon is incidental.

This shot was also little hard to get because the airline routes changed the past year and now planes go directly overhead on route to O’Hare International Airport, Chicago. Many good shots were less interesting to me because there could be as many as three and four planes in the shot. I had to wait for the planes to fly away. Also, I had to wait for a guy with a DSLR to get his shots and clear out, because he saw the same thing I did and he beat me to the tracks.