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Recycled Art: Basket Bird House



Spring is coming, more or less, to Chicago. As the days warm up, our feathered friends are going to be looking for their own cool condo. You can help them out by recycling baskets into a bird house!


basket bird house 01


To make a birdhouse, start with two baskets that are similar in size. If one is larger, make the larger basket the top so the roof overhangs the lower part. I cut off the handle of the top / roof basket with heavy wire cutters, a small saw or garden branch cutters. Use yarn and a darning needle to whip stitch the baskets together. Trace a hole for the entry and use a box cutter to cut open the hole. Be careful and you may want a piece of scrap wood inside the basket to hold as you cut.

Here are some bird house tips:

  • Cavity nesting birds like an opening size based on their species. Look for a chart that covers bird species in your area. A hole 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ is good for a variety of small song birds. I went for the smallest 1-1/8″ to try and attract a Purple House Finch or Golden Prairie Finch.
  • Skip the perch! English House Sparrows, a wide-spread invasive species, are not indigenous to the USA. They prefer to land and perch before going inside, while native song birds fly right into the bird house.
  • Hang the birdhouse where dogs, cats, children and wild predators will not have easy access. Your nesting parents want some peace & quiet.
  • Learn more at a local nature center or park district nature center. The staff at these locations often do baby bird rescue for chicks and other conservation efforts. They will know a lot about the species around you!


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  1. KIT
    April 4, 2016 at 12:10 am

    OK thats just too awesome!

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