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Art students more like athletes than not.


Extreme Boredom: Classroom Edition



I love learning but I have learned to not love the classroom. Whoever invented putting people in a classroom for over three hours and expecting them to be still and passively absorb tons of complex information must have been insane. I now completely understand why hardcore jocks hate school; the lecture hall system takes kinesthetic learners and traps them in a desk for long periods of time which is the exact opposite of how they operate. If the boredom of the situation makes it hard for a much more sedentary art slug like myself to cope with concentrating, more physical people have to be climbing the walls from the inactivity and I sympathize.

This is why TED lectures are perfect: someone introduces their subject material with clarity and precision  to you in under twenty minutes.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the college or university system of education ever innovating anything more dynamic. Professors do not want to put the extra effort into helping visual learners or hands-on learners have a better classroom experience when mass dumping verbal information is easier. Packing people into classrooms and lecture halls (and now online videos) is just too profitable to abandon for a better system.

And this is where sporty people and those who go to art school are actually a lot more alike than different. In art school, you are expected to make stuff. Very few of your classes are total passive learning situations and studio classes are often completely hands-on in continual active creation. The real opposite of being active like athletes or art students would be the students who truly thrive on sitting around a lecture hall like potted houseplants.

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