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Imgur: A sad, toxic social media site


Imgur is a sad, toxic social media site and is useless for designers and artists. The general user base sucks and the functionality of the site is weak. I will explain the cause of both opinions which stems from a two week experiment in heavy use.

The general user base is a hivemind deeply rooted in 13-year-old gamer boy mentality and general trollness. There is  a lot of tits-and-ass girly photos too softcore to evoke the site’s pornography / nudity bans and an endless supply of regurgitated memes. The users are mostly posting garbage, up-voting garbage.

There seems to be a lack of diversity in the user base. There is little original content on the site and much of the art or cartoon work is swiped from content creators by third-party users for display to earn meaningless points for their accounts. The point system seems moronic as is is awarding a tangible benefit to people who create nothing but still have the power to negate the creations of others. Putting original content on the site is throwing pearls before swine to see them trampled as each image can and will be down voted to a level that it dips below the surface of  other users being able to see posted images. Tack on immature, rude or dumb comments for added effect. You will find tons of garbage meme gags, a great deal of it rather old, and very little original creativity.

Here are some posted art and cartoons with the current numbers:


Hope for Peace by Shellie Lewis 2015

Views 1,231
3 ups, 5 downs = -2 total points
What are the Imgurians hating here: Black people, girls, peace? I have no idea.



Views 1,088
8 ups, 6 downs = 2 total points
Holy shit, really? People love Grumpy Cat. Okay, tough crowd…



Views 746
9 ups, 3 downs = 6 total points
Pretty low numbers for a site that flooded with SW7 fan content.

Of all content I put up, all of which being my original creations, each image hit 50% – 70% down votes and all far less than 1,500 views. This is pretty useless for either a visual artist, designer or even a cartoonist. A lot of what hits ‘most popular’ in the various categories is dead boring. I did have one exception that went over 2,000 views:


Views 2,019
13 ups, 1 downs = 12 total points
Well, yay for owls. Take your owl photos to Imgur if you need them to be appreciated.

The functionality flaws are endemic to the site. This seems odd for a tech site that was created for image hosting for Reddit. The site servers bog down frequently and I hit at least a dozen ‘over capacity’ messages in two weeks time. The over capacity cartoon is real dumb.

Indicators that an image has a comment or a new comment only work half the time, as what appears in the image dialogue box does not correlate to the comments stream box at the top of the site. You will just not get all of your comments, and most of these seem to be no loss for the sake of being immature, rude or dumb. The system of organizing images in albums seems easy except updating albums by moving images, adding or deleting images, just does not work. The albums are chaos. Also, look out: there is a box on the homepage that looks like the login and auto-populates your email address which signs you up to receive content directly to your inbox. Click this and you will be spammed to hell and back. The overall site loads slow, really slow.

If you are hoping for more views than deviantArt then Imgur is worthless as I feel the very little amount any image is viewed is cancelled out by the negativity of the user base. At least the general user base of deviantArt is friendlier and more artistic in nature. There is just so much content on dA it seems like a miracle if anything gets a view or comment, unless maybe you have a following built up.

If you want an image hosting site more streamlined than Flickr, Imgur can work as a free image hosting zone to dump things on Facebook or Twitter. You do not have to publish to the Imgur stream if you do not want to, which offers some limited practical use of Imgur. A free account gives a set number of uploads which I think is 250 per account at this time. If you want to use Imgur for free image hosting, then just ignore and avoid the Imgur internal community. There are better ways to waste time.










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