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NBC Blind Spot: A show built on the foundation of a victimized woman


Thanks NBC, for kind of revolutionizing misogyny by building a whole show around the victimization of the female main character. I like action and thrillers, give me a kung fu film over a chick flick every single day of the week, but I can’t stomach this show’s premise. I have been watching the trailers and commercials with interest and the basis of the plot is deplorable.

The whole foundation of the show is that the Jane Doe main character has been abducted, brainwashed, whole body tattooed, stuffed naked into a duffle bag and left to be found by the authorities in Times Square. She’s a highly intelligent, highly skilled special agent type of character whose origin is unknown. She can shoot and fight hand-to-hand like a total badass, she’s athletic and beautiful, but ultimately she is a victim beneath all of her assets and abilities.

The production values and casting look really enticing to fans of spy, action and thriller storylines. The foundation of the show is rape-y. Really, really rape-y. I wish the show had flipped the roles, had a man get stuffed in a sack and stumble forth naked and clueless with a female agent’s name branded across his back. Ice hockey goalie bags are really big, even male actors can be smaller, and I’m sure someone would fit.

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  1. J.
    February 26, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Spoiler alert: this show is actually not as victimizing as it appears. It’s been revealed that the female character, before she was “Jane Doe” chose this for herself as a mission. The tattoos, the memory wipe, all her plan.

    • February 27, 2016 at 6:37 pm

      Meh. I’m filing this show under bad writing. Great production values, awful script. Wiping your own memory to gain a strategic advantage makes no sense. NBC shows really suck and the whole ‘she chose to do this’ twist don’t cancel out the visuals from season one. I just found the premise disturbing and rapey. The whole body tattoo motif gives the viewer a mode to eye rape the actress the whole show. Double meh. But we’re all free to like crappy TV. ;p At least this is fiction.

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