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12 Favorite Artworks from SOFA Chicago 2003

Not one but two Little Free Libraries have cropped up this year less than a block from where I live, and I took an old SOFA catalog from one. SOFA, the show for Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art, puts out a massive catalog of the gallerists’ wares. Here are my twelve favorite items to inspire you.

SOFA 2003 01

This would be great to hold all my arts and crafts supplies. I love the descending sizes of drawers. I would have flipped the hinges on the right cabinet door 180 degrees to be on the outside though. Maybe some day I will be able to build one!

SOFA 2003 02

Lampwork cabochon, instead of beads, set in sterling silver. Brilliant!

SOFA 2003 03

It’s like a Chihuly bowl and Crayola crayons had a child. ☺

SOFA 2003 04

Gorgeous! I would love to sit at this desk and write letters or draw.

SOFA 2003 05

The flecks of color enhance this great piece.

SOFA 2003 06

Privacy screens that hold your plants; a great idea for tight balconies and people fortunate enough to have loft apartments.

 SOFA 2003 07

I don’t know how the glass blower manages to shape all the stripes but this is amazing.

SOFA 2003 08

This could be the visual displacement that water creates as the title suggests or maybe it is time to stop drinking and call a cab for the ride home.

SOFA 2003 09

A splash frozen in time forever!

SOFA 2003 10

Mind blown: I believe this is a hand embroidered tapestry! I know the texture and sheen of the threads would make this just absolutely amazing to see in person.

SOFA 2003 11

This is the one achromatic piece that I liked, so subtle and lovely.

SOFA 2003 12

This one might be achievable by the motivated wood worker. You could steam shape plywood for the curved pieces instead of using bamboo. The main worry would be the odd angle cuts where the corners join and laying on a lot of varnish to help keep the piece from shifting. The design has a nice mid-century feel to it, too.

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