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Shark Week 2015: Can we make a safer surf board?

Sharks that bite surf boards are seeing a silhouette similar to prey. I’ve wondered for years if a light, smooth surf board can be created that has light disrupting the shadow shape, either through windows or maybe LEDs. Since the surf boards are hollow, the windows would have to line up nicely on both sides and be sealed perfectly. Maybe a varying pattern of LEDs would disrupt the silhouette and be too alien looking to attract sharks.


Short link this article: http://bit.ly/1KNIVBa

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  1. KIT
    July 9, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Of course youre talking to a girl who panics when she washes her face. The shark and I go way back. Youre also talking to a gurl for whom sharks have changed her lifes destiny when JaWs debuted in the 70’s but not without some comic insight. Lets assume this surf board construction change could indeed make a dif. I see this scenairo in my magic 8 ball: The shark swims up to the surf board sees his reflection, pulls a comb outta his pocket, combs his hair in the reflection of the “mirror” and proceeds to eat the board or my 8-ball sees the shark sashaying up to the board, taking a peep thru the ‘lens’ and deciding if the boards morsel is worth his time. As he starts to swim away proceeds to eat the board anyway. Call me a fatalist. Like I said: I have complete respect for the shark from land. LMAO.

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