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Street Art Found: Collage Artist in Chicago

Street Art @gruelestate Chicago 2015


I pounced really fast to snag this street art giveaway, found tucked into the front of a RedEye newspaper box. Years of living in the city and I’ve never found free art before this and not for want of effort on my part. The artist, @GRuelEsTatE, has a portfolio showing the series, currently at #1 – #69. I have artwork #41 “Many Moons.” The works are made of vintage magazine and juxtapose imagery. It’s a wonderfully consist series of work and the pieces range from snarky to surreal. There is no contact information so this is work being done for the sake of expression and the fun of treasure hunting. Another site found via Google possibly identifies the artist as Deb Pressman.

I have a lot of favorites in this series and do want to save a few in case they disappear from the photo sharing site they are on right now. Here are three more collages. I hope the creator saved high resolution scans of each piece. They would make a wonderful artist book.

@gruelestate 26 bored walk 2015

 #26 Bored Walk

@gruelestate 55 underdog 2015


#55 Underdog

@gruelestate 63 lovers in a hard time 2015


#63 Lovers in a Hard Time




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