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Mail Art: Works on Paper and Envelopes

I think my favorite part of mail art is being able to have pen pals across a language barrier. You are communicating with people, sending them greetings and content, in images. These are mail art exchanges I have sent out on envelopes. I like to put a matching artwork on paper inside when I have the time to make a set.


Mail Art Day Lillies 2014


Pointillism ala Crayola markers.

Mail Art Orange Day Lillies 2014


Pencil and coloured pencil on buff coloured paper.


Mail Art Hummingbird 2014

One mail art trader is trying to make and exchange a bird image a day for the entire year, so I sent her this pen and ink with colored pencil art.

Mail Art Model

Japanese brush pen and watercolour on 140# cold press paper.

Mail Art Seahorses 2014

I sent some snappy sea horses to a zine trader friend in Australia. Japanese brush pen on an envelope.

Mail Art Baby Bunny 2014

Bunny went to Italy. Because: spring.

Mail Art Hockey Player 2014

This one went to Greece, where they probably do not have ice hockey. So it better seem real exotic! šŸ˜€

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