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Inchies: A dangerous addiction

If you want something fun and challenging and like to make miniatures, inchies are a dangerous addiction. The challenge is to make a one inch square artwork. I think they are a lot of fun. I like to do pen and ink with watercolour, but have done fully painted, colored pencil and mixed media inchies. Two sets were sold and the others were mail art inchie trades I did from 2013 to present.

Like ATCs, you want inchies to be card thickness, 140# to 300# water color paper, illustration board, Bristol board or mounted on chipboard. I tend to use watercolour paper or paste thinner drawing paper onto cereal box board. I have my traded inchies from other artists in plastic pages in a binder. I have the pages made for collecting Pogs, but postal stamp album pages also work well. Some collectors glue them onto sheets to make “inchie quilts” by placing them together with the edges touching to create a larger artwork out of all the individual inchies.


Summer Inches 2014

I made this set this past week for a group trade.


Tiger Inchie 2013


Flipping piece of fuzz on the scanner… arrgh. This went with a set to a USAF mail art trader stationed in Japan.

Buffy inchie

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Inchie set June 2013

Painted inchies 2012

Inchie Owl

Artist inchie Shellie Lewis

Dog inchie Shellie Lewis

My dogs are old, they sleep a lot. One was bound to wind up on an inchie.

Seashell inchie Shellie Lewis

I painted the spots on this seashell with a 000 hobby model brush.

bird inchies 2013

Drawings in pen and ink with colored pencil on scrap collage board with copper acrylic paint.

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