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ACen Chicago 2014 Cosplay Artists

Are you wandering around a fluorescent lit cave taking pictures of people’s cosplay? That’s a fan convention for you! It is great to see the mad love people put into their cosplay. I was going to just put up a few favorites and then I decided to blog a ton more. I was just carrying my crappy pocket camera and using the sport setting to not blast people with the flash. All pictures are from ACen (Anime Central) Chicago at the Rosemont Convention Center.

I identify characters where I can and take wild guesses where I cannot. The joy of cosplay is that people are taking from a wide range of movies, anime, manga, webcomics, comics, cartoons, video games and memes. They are further mixing up genres, genders and mash ups to the point that no one can know everything… or can they? If I get anything wrong or you know what something is, please let me know! I love that just about anything with a fan base has some fans passionate enough to cosplay characters.


ACen 2014 Cosplay 01 Bioshock

This Bioshock was off the chain! Lights with sounds from the game keyed to the costume.


ERMAGERD it’s deadmau5! 4×4=12 is one of my fave albums evah! Music played and the colors changed.



Ghostbusters! Back in the 80s, ghostbusting was harder with people being able to only store a few bytes worth of ghosts. Today, people can store up to 2TB of ghosts! Luckily, there were no Ghost in the Shell cosplayers around to cause any conflicts.



Princess Mononoke, Boba Fett and someone? [front to back]


Vega’s got a ticket to ride, and he don’t care! (Street Fighter)


Nobody ever expects The Inquisition Monty Python!


Getting weird with Marvel. C2E2 is over, so lay off Spiderman already!


No clue at all. :3

ACen 2014 Cosplay 11 mario peach

Crossplay Princess Peach and Mario. [Nintendo]


Flame Princess (Adventure Time) nailed it!


Marceline the Vampire Queen and Finn the Human (Adventure Time). Also, best demon blood sword of the weekend.


Hockey Link (Legend of Zelda) and me, lazy ACen mascot

ACen 2014 Cosplay 15 hockey link

Seriously, I have no idea why this guy made a hockey Link. I’m just glad he did!

ACen 2014 Cosplay 17

I think this may be from Final Fantasy 27 or whatever number they are up to now. They had great sculpts and a lot of lights.



A Sailor Moon character or variant. Was there a Sailor Goth? Let me know. Also, Hulu.com is going to release remastered (and not censored) original Sailor Moon in anticipation of the new 2014 episodes. UPDATE: My friend Jim Wrench said it’s Sailor Pluto. ☺

ACen 2014 Cosplay 19

No clue, sorry.


Marvel Loki FTW!


Old favorite of mine Oh, My Goddess! with Skuld, Belldandy and Urd.


Oh, My Goddess! with Skuld and Demon Belldandy.


Oh, My Goddess! with Belldandy and Demon Belldandy.


Mortal Kombat – Raiden and Subzero. Hey, shouldn’t you guys be fighting?


If you get some older friends, you can do all the Dr. Who characters. I’m just sayin’… ☺


Madoka Magica


This giant chibi is something very familiar and I can’t recall it at all! Help meee…

Update: My friend Mike Batista told me it is a chibi Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.


The amazing sewing and sculpt of what I will call the  more detailed furry and anthro cosplayers is stunning. The new hot thing, I am told, are the large clear eyes that light up. I saw so many great furries and anthros, only got this one bad picture.


I think there is a newer Alice in Wonderland anime or manga out but am not sure.


Sweet Lolita… but not too sweet.


I was headed out the door to shuffle to the train home and then stayed to watch someone fighting a dragon. Because: ACen. They hugged it out afterwards.

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  1. July 21, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Excuse me, I’m sorry, but I am labeled in 2 of these photos as “Mara” from Oh! My Goddess! when this is not true. I am the Demon version of Belldandy from the OVA. If you have not seen the OVA or read the manga, you wouldn’t know this. Please change this as I worked really hard on my cosplay and do not wish to be mislabeled. Thank you.

    • July 21, 2014 at 8:37 am

      I have the manga but did not read the OVA. I will get it updated. ☺

  2. Beth Cole
    July 28, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Just so you know, it’s Finn the Human with Marceline the Vampire Queen. Jake is the dog. Just a heads up!

    • July 28, 2014 at 8:13 pm

      Arggh! OK I corrected it. I’ve seen about every episode, too. That’s what sleep deprivation + slow speed internet connection get ya! If you knew how long it takes me to upload a low res photo, you would weep for me. ^^’ Thanks!

  3. September 14, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    The Skuld and Urd are La Vie Cosplay facebook.com/laviecosplay

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