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Journalism Photography Project

Sal Barry (my HBBF, Hockey Blogger Boyfriend) is working on a second Master’s degree in journalism and had an interesting instructional assignment to photograph the same subject from different views. The professor required a wide, medium and close-up shot of the same subject for the assignment. This is a great exercise to practice good framing and composition. Sal was going to go to the Picasso sculpture downtown but I told him to head to the Chagall mosaic. He lucked into good diffuse lighting and few people, just enough to give an indication of scale of the work and to be focal points. In summer months, this courtyard is mobbed and the Chagall piece is harder to see through a sea of people.


Photo Essay: Marc Chagall’s Four Seasons

An explosion of color amidst neutral tones. That is how I would describe artist Marc Chagall’s mosaic Four Seasons and its surroundings. The gigantic, four-sided artwork, is the centerpiece of Exelon Plaza, downtown near Dearborn St. and Monroe St. While I knew about the mosaic and seen it many times in passing, before now I never really bothered to look closer at it or explore the surrounding space. [source]



Wide Shot


Medium Shot


Close-up Shot

Sal submitted two additional photographs with his assignment. I particularly like the cropped close-up with the couple because the woman is gesturing. The animated GIF gives you a feel for the vibrant color of the mosaic mural.


Sal panned the mosaic using the “burst mode” for speed and sports photography to make this animated GIF below.



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