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I Need Translations for an International Zine

Zine Cover

UPDATE 2/08/2014:  final draft

My friend Heather Loresch recently returned from serving in the Peace Corps in the Ukraine. Heather has also been very saddened and worried by the violent protests and civil rights challenges that have erupted in Kyiv. She told me about learning painting from her wonderful art teacher. I asked if her art teacher participated in artist trading cards and Heather felt he might like them, but it would be hard to explain the concept since he does not speak English. I have been doing a lot of zines lately in addition to artist trading cards and set to drawing what “artist trading cards” are in a series of comic pictures.

I have finished the hand drawn art and now I need translations for three words: “artist trading cards”. The cover tells what the whole zine is about. I am using Google Translate but I have no idea if anything is correct or not, so I am trying to find people fluent in other languages to fact check my Google translations. The cover of the zine will read “artist trading cards” in many languages. The rest is all pictorial. I think it really gets the point across. If IKEA can do it, I can do it.

My trades in non-English speaking nation have been in the minority. Maybe the zine will help me spread artist trading card creation to new areas. Nothing gets around faster than the internet, so I will also make the panels of the zine into an animated GIF and put that online.  One two panel spread will throw the composition off a little but I think this will make a fine animated GIF.

Please email me a translation for “artist trading cards” or reply to the comments here. ARTG33K74 at gmail is a good email address. Thank you in advance!

UPDATE 1/29/2014: I got feedback from some friends and used a lot of Google Translate. I used “barter artist cards” a lot to try and indicate a swap and not commercial sales. Punjabi did not have a good word for “barter” and I used “mail artist cards”. It should make some sense, I hope. I tried to angle for as many non-Romance languages as I could fit in. Here is the first rough draft and show what I want for the cover. Changes will probably be made.

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