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Chicago Wolves vs. Iowa Wild, September 27, 2013

Wolves-Wild-Sept-2013-Shellie Lewis-01

I photographed a Chicago Wolves game last September and just went through the images today. I’m pretty disappointed in a lot of the shots I took. Mostly I captured face-offs and stoppages of play. Maybe these shots are a little arty or dramatic portraits but not good action sports photos.

Unlike the red/white game for the Chicago Blackhawks, I had a lot of barriers to getting a good action shot during this game. The lighting at a local rink in the Franklin Park suburb is nothing like the United Center, Soldier Field or any pro sports arena. The pro sports arenas have better than daylight conditions because not only is it brighter than the sun, the very white lights are arranged in a way that there are few shadows. I shot a lot of motion blurs and many shots were super grainy. It felt like trying to capture fast motion in a basement. The glass was a constant problem with glare, scratches and smudges interrupting the shots. The game was a $5 pre-season event and the stands were packed, team security was in place and there were no options to move around the rink or try to shoot around the glass by the benches. I had to worm around in my seat as best as I could and make do with the seat I had and wish I had a press pass.

These are the best shots from the game. I’m going to toss a lot of blurry messes into the trash can. Worse, I perched as close as I could to the Iowa net hoping to get some good shots of Wolves players in the attacking zone. It turns out that Iowa spent more time on the attack that game, so being at the other end of the rink maybe would have been better. Overall, this day was another learning curve to try and photograph pro hockey the best I could under the worst possible conditions.








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