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Sports Photography: The Saga Continues

I took a few hundred photographs of the Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival game in 2013.  I’ve been shooting classes and games for my HBBF [hockey blogger boyfriend] since the COHL photos at Soldier Field and have gotten better at following the puck and framing a shot based on where the puck travels to.  I have also been learning how to play ice hockey, am enrolled in a Hockey 101 class and have been contributing to The Hockey Noob blog on ChicagoNow.  (Wow, sorry, that previous sentence sounds like a lame content for a resumé cover letter.)  Anyway, hitting the gym has been boring and hitting the ice has been fun.

The Training Camp Festival focal point is a scrimmage of the current team and guys on the minor league team called up to play that day.  This was a unique opportunity for me to get close to a live NHL game because seating on this one day is on a first come basis.  Sal was in line really early and we took the back row of the 100 Level (also known as “seats we have never been able to afford in our lives”.)  This allowed me to shoot over the glass, avoid a lot of the safety nets behind the goals and stand up without interrupting anyone else’s view of the game.

To be sure, the NHL players whip around a whole lot faster than Sal and his team-mates.  Here are my favorite shots from the event.  Click the drop down for a few shots of popular players that came out kind of nice.  Here’s is the PuckJunk write up for “What you missed at the 2013 Blackhawks Training Camp Festival”.  Anyone want to buy a Toews bobblehead?  I’m a starving artist, I need my five bucks back to spend on food.









Short link this article: http://bit.ly/15GmIkQ

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