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Three Media Updates in My World


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Worst pot hole ever…  Yesterday’s massive day long thunderstorm and the past few days record rain fall has sinkholes, flooding, exploding fire hydrants and general mayhem going on all over the city.  The Chicagoist online has this photo and many more, reports from people and it’s a total mess.  I am a block from the north branch of the Chicago River and I have never seen it this high.  I would say it is a good six to ten feet higher than usual.  This is why I would never, ever, ever get a garden level apartment; lots of people are flooded out right now.

Home sweet home…  I’ve been sending out social media blaster messages to try and find a new place to live. I have had it with my current slumlord who never, ever, ever fixes anything.  The building has mold, a massive rat colony that consistently chews tunnels through the foundation and a whole lot more.  After a small fire, a large fire and a massive gas leak, all gas related and in the same part of the building, it is now a danger to stay here.  Unfortunately few places will rent to someone with three dogs.  And I’m poor.  I need to find a place and it’s been very stressful and a huge time investment has not gotten me anywhere yet.  If someone could throw me a high six digits, I could just buy a place.  I promise to send you a really nice painting.

Two seconds of fame...  My HBBF was on TV.  Sort of.   It was a local event for a sort of Antiques Roadshow rip-off that only focuses on Chicago sports team collectibles, is to be broadcast locally and has the added twist of offers to buy the items.  The taping of the pilots was a total disorganized fustercluck and it’s better if you read it in his own words.

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