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Hot Glue Gun 911? How to Treat Minor Burns

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If burn yourself on hot kitchen cookware, a hot glue gun, a soldering iron or other surface apply Vitamin E oil [tocopheryl acetate] on the heat injured area right away.  Even if it only stings a little and has not gotten red or blistered yet, the faster you apply the Vitamin E the more it can help.  Butter, egg whites and ice may make it feel a little better but does nothing to mitigate and help heal the damage; the food may cause infection and the extreme cold of ice can cause more skin damage.  This is actually a chef’s method of dealing with burns and is even more effective an using Aloe Vera gel or plant leaves.  They keep a bottle around of the gel caps and poke it with a pin, then squeeze the Vitamin E onto the area.  I have a bottle of liquid Vitamin E oil which has served me well.

If you think you have a burn worse than a very superficial and small area of damage to the outer layer of your skin, do not try and treat it yourself.  You need a doctor for large areas of damage, extreme pain and deep burns that go below the upper layer of the skin.  Get to a hospital immediately.  The Mayo Clinic advises on the different kinds of burns and first aid actions to take take on an information page here.

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