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Antique Postcards, Group 11

118 antique postcard Paris

Devamez MP., Paris.  Not mailed.

These 300 dpi resolution images are from my antique post card collection for you to use and enjoy.  If you are having resolution problems, run into WordPress compression or need another file format, please contact me via email.  Right click and use “open image in a new tab” to download the full size image.  Please remember that I cannot confirm Public Domain / open source legal rights on the works.  Any further information on dating, origin and publishers is welcomed.

119 antique postcard Paris

Devamez MP., Paris.  Not mailed.

120 antique postcard 1906

Postmarked Cambridge, Wisconsin 11/28/1906

121 antique postcard 1920

Danish for “Do not forget me!”  This is absolutely the first time I saw a romantic theme where the guy strikes out.  Sorry bro, he sent her a postcard first.  Dated 1920.

122 antique postcard

I am not getting around this font.  Not mailed.  Holzschnitt von Paul Beuttner Nr. 1584 Kunstverlag Felix Korn, Stuttgart.

123 antique postcard

Not mailed or dated

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  1. Jeff carter
    June 18, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Very nice. What does the Nr.1584 stand for

    • June 19, 2015 at 2:30 pm

      I am guessing “Nr.1584” indicated “number 1584” for the printer to track publications: what print run and/or what item was printed. Many identifiers seems to be on postcards for editioning purposes or at least inventory identification, allowing retailers to re-order. There is almost never a date or copyright date on very old postcards; printers that made mass editions wanted to put out as many postcards as possible and use the designs as much as they could. Dates would have made the works seem old, less desirable. A lot of the 1930s photographic postcards that were printed with color lithography stayed in use to the 1950s – 1960 which I based on the cancellation of stamps for mailed postcards.

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