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3D Printing Pen Works Like a Manual 3D Printer

This is amazing!  Also, ThisIsColossal.com is an amazing blog to follow; they have blogged a free-form 3D printing pen that uses a single plastic filament like robotic 3D printers.

Forget those pesky 3D printers that require software and the knowledge of 3D modeling and behold the 3Doodler, the world’s first pen that draws in three dimensions in real time. Imagine holding a pen and waving it through the air, only the line your pen creates stays frozen, suspended and permanent in 3D space. Sound like magic? Well it certainly looks like it, watch the video above to see the thing in action. The 3Doodler was designed by Boston-based company WobbleWorks who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell the miraculous little devices that utilizes a special plastic which is heated and instantly cooled to form solid structures as you draw.


At this time there are 25 days left on the Kickstarter fundraiser for this invention.  They placed a goal of $30,000 and are holding at $1,936,802.  This is the best Kickstarter I’ve seen since Ze Frank went to re-start A Show.  If the MIT grad is carrying any student loans these days, those are history.

3D Doodler pen-1


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