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Art Chicago NEXT is Officially Dead

Any hopes of a comeback are gone, Art Chicago NEXT is officially dead.  The Merchandise Mart is promoting the antiques part of the four day event April 26-29 2013.  There are websites indicating dates for Art Chicago NEXT 2013 but they are rolling over calendar dates from year to year without any actual research.  Merchandise Mart does not have Art Chicago NEXT on their 2013 events calendar.

As I wrote last year, this is very sad.  Although it was a commercial event, it was the biggest art event in the city, having the widest range of work both historically, nationwide and internationally.  There is no other event even close to being comparable.  Art Chicago NEXT was the Armory Show of Chicago and has collapsed.  This is personal loss for me because it gave me a great deal to photograph, video record, write about and share.  It sets the city back culturally, further regulating Chicago to a blue-collar backwater.

It would be a dream come true if Chicago could use the McCormick Place massive convention center and hold a comparable city sponsored event.  Any grand visions like that usually promptly implode or are slowly strangled by power struggles over money, political influence and bureaucracy.  Then a Federal entity would have to figure out how much money was misappropriated for a chain of hot dog kiosks owned by the cousin of an Alderman.

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