Loving Fountain Pens


I have been into drawing a lot lately and decided to use fountain pens for the first time in a long time.  I pulled out two old Sheaffer plastic cheap fountain pens.  They are fun but have disappeared from office supply stores, so I bought a nice hefty cigar shape fountain pen from Amazon.  It seems that there are a slew of fountain pens available in Hong Kong and one can be purchased, shipping included, for $5 and up.  They usually come with a refillable ink cartridge inside but no ink.  I recommend buying a pen other shoppers have rated well.

Waterproof inks are not recommended; they can clog the pen too easily.  I am enjoying using a bottle of Windsor Newton sepia calligraphy ink.  The pen did not work right away; I needed to hold the nib under a faucet of running water and then let it dry out and it was fine.  It had dust or something from the factory, maybe a little corn starch so the manufacturer can tell if it was used should anyone return the merchandise.

Part of the enjoyment of returning to fountain pen drawing is how portable a fountain pen is.  You can get a range of line widths more like a dip pen but it is a lot easier to carry around.  This has been fun for making artist trading cards.  I can just put a pen and pencil with some ATC blanks in my purse or bag and carry them around with me.  If I want to add depth, I ink wash in the background later at home.

ATC Snow Shovel



ATC Winter Wolf

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