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Mobster Looking Guy *IS* Bruce Willis

Okay, I’m an idiot!  ☺  I did not think to Google image search the negative I bought of the Mobster Looking Guy: it is Bruce Willis!  My friend Pam Batista actually stopped and looked it up online and found the movie: Last Man Standing in 1996.  I was laughing my head off.  Pam said, “You have a production photo from this movie!”  Well, actually, it’s a negative.  Here is the good photo:


Here is my digital clean up on the blurry negative:

Fedora Clean

This has zero open source, public domain usage but a higher Cool Factor now.  I have a negative for a film and it’s Bruce Willis! Or it’s a duplicate someone over exposed when copying.   Yippeekiyay motherfucker.


UPDATE:  My HBBF: texted me “I told you about Last Man Standing“!  But Pam actually looked it up.  Sorry former film major, the credit goes to Pam.  Duly noted that you did say that.

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