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Mobster Looking Guy

Fedora Negative

In my ferreting around for interesting antique postcards, I branched into buying some etchings, photographs and other ephemera.  I made an odd acquisition of a negative.  I think it may be a celluloid or plastic-like material copy taken from a glass plate original.  Looking at the negative made me want to see the photograph it was of because the mobster looking guy also kind of resembles Bruce Willis.  I found all of these thoughts entertaining and wanted the challenge of converting the negative.

Part of why I wonder if this was a copy made from a glass plate is that the image on the transparent material is kind of crooked.  The other reason is that there are speckles all over the negative; maybe dust and debris was ruining a glass negative and a copy was made.  The photograph was pretty blurry, so I ran a few filters to sharpen the photograph.

Fedora Positive

Converting the image and sharpening it was easy.  I decided I did not like all the speckles and spots, so I went and hand edited them out.  I was not going for perfection, just enough of an improvement that the dusty stuff was not a distraction.

Fedora Clean

It may not be fair of me to imagine that this portrait is of some mobster looking guy.  He could be a car salesman or someone’s hard working father.  Is it my fault that the greater culture  for has reduced Fedora hats to an emblem of organized crime, even though countless men wore them?  I don’t know, but if the FBI comes around inquiring after Bugsy Lawless, I’ll play it safe and tell them he’s out for the day.

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