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Artist of the Week: Qigu Jiang

Qigu Jiang 02

New Figure #3 by Qigu Jiang, ink and colour on rice paper, 2008, 200 x 122 cm

I attended a small exhibition in 2009 of an artist trained in traditional Chinese brush painting doing large scale figurative works.  Each brush painting I viewed that day was enormous and sometimes worked across more than one piece of paper.  The works were expressive and some were considerations of historic pieces of art in the Western Canon.  The nude as a subject is very unusual and rare in Chinese art:

As a youngster growing up in Shanghai, Qigu Jiang, professor of art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studied Chinese sui-mo (water-ink) painting. He first emulated China ’s old masters, practicing such traditional themes as bamboo and landscape. Upon his arrival in America , however, Qigu Jiang sought new ways to express himself. He began to explore the human figure in his work – despite the fact that his predecessors had failed to emphasize this form for thousands of years.  [source]

Historically, this art is a newer expression as Qigu Jiang takes a very formal and traditional artistic expression and makes it very personal and contemporary.  The primary expression in the paintings are the lines from a brush being moved across the paper.  Fields of colour are used sparingly and sometimes splatters and drips interrupt the picture plane.



See the scale of his works as they were on display at the Koehnline Museum of Art in 2009 here.


Qigu Jiang 3


After Per Hasselberg by Qigu Jiang, ink on gilded rice paper, 2007, 22 x 17 cm

Qigu Jiang 4

Strength by Qigu Jiang, ink on rice paper, 1988, 34 x 50 cm

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