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Tangle Pattern Design Adventure

I discovered the tangle pattern / “Zentangle” drawing movement through mail art swapping this past year.  At first, doing this technique was kind of hard to do because it is pattern-based and I am used to fine art drawing.  Once I got better at making the patterns, I really came to like incorporating the patterns into what the creators call ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Artworks.)  I’ve only just sent the drawings out in swaps for artist trading cards.

Since it is fun and geared to be accessible to everyone, I mulled over various ideas for a few months set down some ideas that may be newer tangle patterns.  I tried to check these ideas against published patterns as best I could; I am not good at memorizing patterns, and there are a lot published.  At the least, I enjoy these patterns and will use them myself!  I was aiming to make some interesting designs that are fun and have fun names.  Feel free to use these patterns for your own use.  I am open sourcing these designs, please give credit to me as their originator and link-back online if you re-post the images.

Tangle Queen of the Nile

Tangle Bone Marrow

Tangle Paper Cranes

Tangle Dragon Scales

Meanwhile, my HBBF is teaching Chicago Public School kids and they are studying propaganda.  I wound up tracing Rosie the Riveter with felt tipped pens which was photocopied and distributed to the kids to color and add their own messages.  This image is at 300 dpi, right click it and open it in a new window, then save the image to get the full size copy.  Put a piece of cardstock or heavier paper in your computer printer and print it out.  I dare you to tangle draw this!


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