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Antique Postcards, Group 9

I have some gems in this batch!  The hunt for antique postcards and juicy ephemera continues.  I think this first one, someone’s little sister got talked into playing cupid.

108 antique postcard

Real photo postcard stamped J. Novotny, not mailed, early 1900s.

These 300 dpi resolution images are from my antique post card collection for you to use and enjoy.  If you are having resolution problems, run into WordPress compression or need another file format, please contact me via email.  Right click and use “open image in a new tab” to download the full size image.  Please remember that I cannot confirm Public Domain / open source legal rights on the works.  Any further information on dating, origin and publishers is welcomed.

109 antique postcard

Real photo postcard, not mailed, early 1900s.  They look like they were told to hold still very firmly.

101 antique postcard

Printed in Saxony, date stamped 1909.  Raised / embossed text in a silver metallic ink.  This is where an expressive Art Noveau font met a crazy purple faux marble background.

110 antique postcard 1910

Series 5829, raised / embossed image with  metallic gold ink and swirled texture paper, postmarked 1912.

100 antique postcard

AMP CO. printing.  Raised / embossed image with  metallic silver ink, postmarked 1911.

90 antique postcard

Flower Valentine Series No. 4.  Publisher unknown, raised /embossed image with metallic silver ink, early 1900s.

103 antique postcard

Printed in Germany, series no. 693.  Not mailed, early 1900s.

104 antique postcard

Printed in Germany, series no. 693.  Not mailed, early 1900s.

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