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How To Use Rubber Cling Stamps: Hack Them


I came up with the best way to use cling stamps; you need to hack them.  These are a fairly new crafting product called rubber “cling” stamps.  They are available in big box arts and crafts stores.  You have to buy a thick acrylic block separately to place the stamps onto in order to use them.  The idea is to pull the stamps off a sheet of clear plastic they are sold with, arrange them onto the thick acrylic block holder and stamp with them.  The upside is that you can see through the clear block where to place the rubber stamps onto the acrylic block holder (the printed back side of each stamp with the image is sticky); you can see the surface you are stamping onto (unlike regular stamps mounted onto wooden blocks) and the cling stamps can be taken off and re-positioned at will.  The downside is that putting the stamps back onto the plastic sheet they are sold with is very annoying, and the adhesive back sides are at risk of collecting dust, debris and -where I live- dog fur.

Also, the thick acrylic block is the most expensive part of getting a set of cling stamps together.  I went to hackerspace Pumping Station: One with a solution in mind.  I raided the 1/4″ thick clear scrap acrylic, discards from other members, and used the laser cutter to make my own backs for the stamps.  I bought three sets of stamps for a total of $8 (before tax) because they were clearance items.  This gave me a total of 19 image stamps plus a whole set of alphabetical stamps that resemble typewriter keys.  I sat with a ruler and measured them and used the laser cutter to cut the backs.  I decided on rounded corners for the images and rounded backs for the alphabetical set.  Total cost for this project: $8 and sales tax.  They stuck fine onto the 1/4″ thick acrylic and stamp well.  It is much easier than trying to stamp with them without any backing material and much more cost effective than buying the additional backing block pieces for sale.

UPDATE 1/15/2013  Fatherted on Swap-bot advised that there are other modifications to dodge buying the backing block:


hey, if you want to stamp with cling stamps, you can also use a cd or dvd case or a flat dish or a plastic box. or the lid of your inkpad, it all depends what you like 🙂


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