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Artist Tip: How to Glue Small Objects




Here are three tips on how to glue tiny, small, minuscule items onto a surface.  The smaller the item is, the harder it is to work with.  You need the right adhesive and the right tools:

  • E6000: This all-purpose epoxy glue will stick anything onto anything.  If you want to prove it’s strength for yourself, glue two wine glasses together base to base and let it dry overnight, then try to shake them apart.  I’ve done this and the wine glasses stayed together.  Usually sold for jewelry making, it has proven good for collage and for getting small crystals and similar dimensional objects onto paper crafts.  This adhesive is really strong, so if you have to choose to use a small amount of anything, use the strongest glue possible.
  • Toothpicks:  Do not try to put the adhesive directly onto the tiny item.  Use the end of a toothpick to get a small amount of adhesive on your small object.  A cotton swab with the fluffy cotton top cut off and sewing pins work also, but it seems that toothpicks are the most convenient choice.
  • Use Tweezers:  Fine point hobby or science supply tweezers are the biggest help.  I use the tweezers to pick up the item, put the glue on with a toothpick while holding it and then place it where I want to glue the object down right away.  I keep a paper towel or napkin handy to wipe the ends of the tweezers right away to prevent adhesive from building up on the tweezers tips.
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