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Antique Postcards, Group 5

41 antique post card Paris 1909

M.M. Vienne Nr. 3302 M. Munk; mailed, post marked Paris 1909 sent to New-Orléans [New Orleans]

Here are 300 dpi resolution images from my antique post card collection for you to use and enjoy.  This lot of is from the 1909 – 1940s.  If you are having resolution problems, run into WordPress compression or need another file format, please contact me via email.  Right click and use “open image in a new tab” to download the full size image.  Please remember that I cannot confirm Public Domain / open source legal rights on the works.  Any further information on dating, origin and publishers is welcomed.

42 antique post card 1909 Thanksgiving peach

Julius Bien & Co NY, © 1909 series 940, post marked 11/25/1909 from Chicago to a Chicago address.

42 antique post card 1909 Thanksgiving

Post marked Melrose, Iowa 11/19/1909 where apparently turkeys could get involved in rugby.

43 antique post card 1910 front

Bamford & Co. Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York 4086 © 1910, not mailed.  Here is the reverse:

43 antique post card 1910 reverse

44 antique post card Ivy

B.B. London Series B131 Printed in Germany; not mailed, raised / embossed surface with gold metallic ink.

45 antique post card 1910 tiny envelope

Post marked 9/24/1910 Otwell, Indiana mailed to Mabel Hadlock, M.E. Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana.  There is a blue slip of paper in the tiny envelope with a hand written note:

I hope you are getting well and will be home soon. your friend Glen Smith

I have a special appreciation for this card.  Back then if people were sick, it didn’t mean they could not hang out or that it was inconvenient; it was life threatening.  My grandmother had an older brother and sister die seven days apart in a flu outbreak in 1918.  Anything that landed you in a hospital in 1910 was serious.  I found a Mabel [Marion E.] Hadlock online for Otwell, Indiana born Sept 26, 1899 and this might be her having died in March of 1968 if she never married.

46 antique post card 1911 birthday

Hand written note dated March 11, 1911, raised / embossed image with gold metallic ink.

47 antique post card 1911 New Year

Post marked Scales Mound, Illinois 12/26/1911 6 PM sen to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Monroe Shullsbug, Wisconsin

Dec 26:11  Dear Friends: Received your card. glad to hear from you. This is a stormy day. Think it will make good sleighing. Would like to see the baby. Will try and come out sometime. You folks must come and see us. The days are very lovely now. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Your Friend, Millie

48 antique post card1913 birthday

Raised / embossed image and gold metallic ink.  Post marked 3/3/1913, Aunt Sophia sent from somewhere Illinois to Clarence Studer, Rose Lawn, Indiana

49 antique post card 1914 birthday

Post marked 3/10/1914 looks like Kentwood, Michigan to Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Dear Sis, Just a card. Many happy returns of the day. Write more later. love Emma

50 antique post card Murfreesboro

Curt Teich & Co. Inc printers Chicago, not mailed, 1940s

51 antique post card Asheville

Published by Asheville Post Card Co., North Carolina, not mailed, 1940s

52 antique post card Cheyenne 1949

Post marked Cheyenne, Wyoming 7/29/1949 to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Mayor, Ocheyedar, Iowa

Hi Folks. Here we are in Cheyenne Wyo. helping celebrate Frontier days. saw my 1st herd of Bufflo today. Love Liddie

Thankfully, environmental conservation efforts have seen an increase in Bufflo on the High Plains of the American West.

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