Decorative Papers

I cannot find these 4″ x 6″ decorative patterned papers [mat packs] from a big box store anymore.  Unfortunately, I did not scan my favorite sheet; I used all of that paper up.  I did scan these seven sheets.  All images are 300 dpi .jpgs; tweak them in Photoshop if you like.  (I’m pretty sure the top one is Monet’s water lilies with the colors shifted.)  You cannot re-sell these images or print outs of them [they are surely under copyright].  Feel free to print them out for your own personal, non-profit use.  If I want copies, I will probably mash them onto letter sized pages and have them professionally laser printed for less than a dollar a page.  I figure I would rather bootleg these than live without them.  That’s the problem with contemporary paper crafting.  Big box stores just have Chinese factories crap out products, some of which are actually nice or interesting, and then you will never see that paper again.  If you have something you really like and are running low, it’s time to go pirate and scan that paper.


BW Diamond Pattern


Pink Wallpaper

Sheet Music

Travel theme

Typewriter Keys

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