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Antique Postcards, Group 3

Here are 300 dpi resolution images from my antique postcard collection for you to use and enjoy.  If you are having resolution problems, run into WordPress compression or need another file format, please contact me via email.  Right click and use “open image in a new tab” to download the full size image.  Please remember that I cannot confirm Public Domain / open source legal rights on the works.  Any further information on dating, origin and publishers is welcomed.

Raised / embossed image with a silver metallic background, post marked 04/27/1910 – 8 PM Darlington, Wis. Mailed to Mr. & Mrs. Thos in New Diggings, Wisc.

Thanks for the ___ if it wasn’t for that we never would have known.

Copyright 1910 P.F. Volland, Chicago 648. Not mailed. A pencil written price on the back seems to indicate this was sold for five cents.

“Printd in Saxony No. 952” on the reverse, post marked Muskegon, Michigan 1910.  Sent to Miss Elsie Curtis 520 Lincoln Park Blvd., Chicago

Dear Elsie, Found your card. Relieved to hear from you. We are all fine and dandy. With best wishes from us.  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all. Mable

Raised / embossed image with metallic gold ink. Printed in Germany. Post marked 12/31/1909.

Mailed, post marked Cass Lake, Minnesota 12/29/1911 sent to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mailed, post marked 3/25/1910 6-30P Sheboygan, Wis.

SB series 278. Post marked 2/4/1911 Chicago Edgewater Station.  Get off the phone and cover your ankle, you little tramp!  Hans mailed this to Gerda but the note is in Swedish.

Design Copyright John Winsch, 1910.  Raised / embossed image with gold metallic ink. The sender dated the inside page of the card folded around the ribbon  “To Will, From Mae, June 20, 1912.  There is a poem and prints of flowers on the interior pages also printed in gold ink.

Post marked 2/16/1917, York, Pennsylvania. I wish it had not been stamped to death with the postal service. It took a minute to realize the blue birds of happiness were being shown on telegraph / telephone lines rather than in a natural setting!  Not as exciting as the telephone above from 1911 but unusual.

German, date unknown.  Someone was being touristy in Heidelberg and can’t write again until Freiberg.  Mailed but some jerk stripped the stamp from the back.  It seems that stamp collectors are the bane of post card collectors.

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