New Mail Art Category

I am adding a new Mail Art category to the blog for non-artist trading card items.  The mail art community is so huge and diverse with a wide array of gifted and traded items including inchies, twinchies, rinchies, altered Rolodex art, journal pages, artist post cards and more.  I greatly enjoyed my collage trade and will be a small painting trade later this month.  Meanwhile, a broad request is being sent out for a hurricane loss of a post card collection:

Can you help a friend of a friend out who lives in Brant Beach? One of the things that she lost, which can never truly be replaced but had a lot of meaning to her, was her extensive postcard collection from all over the world. Here is her message… For all of you who have asked me: “what can I do?” I finally thought of something! It may seem silly in the face of so much devastation and believe me, I count my blessings over and over. One of the things I lost was an extensive collection of postcards sent to me over a lifetime from every continent (including Antarctica!) maybe no monetary value, but they were written with love, some by people who have passed on that I will never hear from again. In the spirit of starting over and rebuilding, I ask that you send me a postcard (please no virtual ones, I’m talking with a stamp and postmark) my address is Laura Maschal 4603 Long Beach Blvd, Brant Beach, NJ 08008. Eventually there will be postal service again and I will receive it. Thank you! Feel free to share this post 🙂

Please spare a minute and a stamp to send a post card.

Meanwhile, I had been thinking about the loss of my antique post card collection.  Many years ago, I was feeding this teenage crack head who lived in the apartment above me.  She was not old enough to drive, had pale skin bordering on translucent, badly dyed blonde hair and pale cornflower blue eyes.  She would have looked pretty if it weren’t for the dark circles under her eyes and her gaunt frame.  I checked in with a patrol officer for my ‘hood and he told me the gang member that pimped her out was the real deal and would put a bullet through my head if I interfered.  I held out some hope for her and fed her a skeletal self good number of sandwiches and leftovers.  She was headed for a real cold place in the morgue and no one was looking out for her well-being.  No good deed goes unpunished, and I suspect it was she who robbed my place.  I lost all my gold jewelry and my antique post cards.  They were probably fenced on Water Street in Wilmington, Illinois.  I found the above post card, the century old Halloween greeting, in between the pages of a large art book.  It had been my last purchase before the crackhead girl robbed me and I used it as a temporary book mark.  My current apartment storage unit was robbed this October and I lost all my tables, chairs, steel cooler and tent foot tent for outdoor art fairs.  It was a terrible loss.

I was sad and angry over the recent robbery and was further reminded of the lost antique post cards from the prior robbery.  Those items were unique and irreplaceable.  Close to a decade has gone by since the post card loss and I stuck my nose into an antiques shop to learn that the tanked economy and lack of interest has rock bottomed the price of post cards.  I feel a lot better about these two hardships because I started a new collection this month.  Instead of just mourning the loss, I have moved on and made some great buys.

This also will be your benefit, since I am going to drop high resolution scans of the antique post cards I buy in this new category.  I cannot assure everything or anything is Public Domain; use them at your own discretion.  Please download them for digital designs, print them out and use them in collage art or make new post cards to send to someone.

  1. December 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    The post cards were stolen many years ago. I’ve been through about 6 – 7 home invasion break ins and one car was stolen and totally destroyed. The collection I lost was bought over a few years time in the Chicago metropolitan area. I lived further south and am in the city now. I just got robbed again this past October 2012 and it reminded me of the loss of the post card collection, so I have started over in collecting them again. I am also trading duplicate postcards or trading art like watercolour paintings and art objects in exchange for antique post cards on, user name ARTG33K74. ☺

  1. December 13, 2012 at 9:46 am

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