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Resting by Antonio Mancini

Resting by Antonio Mancini [Italian], oil on canvas, c. 1887, 23 5/8 x 39 3/8 [60.9 x 100 cm] [source]

This painting at the Museum of the Art Institute in Chicago is one of the strangest Impressionist pieces.  The paint is so thick and rough on the canvas, the texture is thick and built up, yet the picture has a woman, soft bedding and glass containers.  The paint has to be at last an inch thick in some areas, maybe more.  It has to be the thickest, most heavily textured application of paint of any Impressionist piece.  At least it seems like it to me.  The contrast in person of the rough texture versus the soft subject is really strange.  I took some close up photos to better show the thick impasto.  The above image from the museum website does not capture the density of the paint.  Yet from a distance the optical blending is marvelous and the coarse texture subsides and is subordinate to the image.

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