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3 Media Updates in My World

Artist and art instructor Helen Ziga and her family are still fighting DIPG brain cancer in seven year old Beatrice.  I was hoping to send them more art to sell and defray the costs of their medical bills, get a bump from holiday sales.  Helen has taken down the Etsy store as Beatrice’s condition has worsened.  You can still donate to the family directly with the PayPal link on the Sweet Bea Fund blog.  Please donate and let other people know about this cause.

Photo: Meg Callender

My friend Meg Callender in NYC said life is going back to normal in the city even though they went from Hurricane Sandy to a major snow storm.  Both of her jobs in Manhattan were shut down for a while and she was able to volunteer at a distribution center near where she lives in Queens getting various foods and supplies to people in need.  Rolling black outs have gone across the different boroughs and New Jersey, so people are really happy to have electricity as a constant again.

My HBBF [hockey blogger boyfriend] was interviewed about blogging.  He co-teaches a class he developed on the subject with an instructor in journalism department.  Here is a short three minute interview, with jazz.

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