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Learn Zentangle Drawing



Pandora’s Box by Shellie Lewis, India ink and watercolour, 2.5 x 3.5

I tried a first Zentangle drawing ATC (if you don’t count the x two I tore up and threw out.) The idea is to make art with somewhat structured doodling and a wide variety of patterns. Felt-tipped pens are the preference. People make them in black and white or full-colour. Zentangle is a branded name; people also refer to the art as tangle doodles or tangle pattern drawing. A lot of blog space is dedicated to this newer, international art movement. I never heard of it before; it is totally below the radar for art schools being popular in mail art forums and crafting circles. Zentangle Mandalas are popular with many people tracing a CD to get their initial round shape. Do a Google Image search for “Zentangle art” and there will be a lot to look at.

Fans of Zentangle art often say that it is relaxing and a good way to relieve stress. I like it because it is a simple form of pen and ink drawing that people with no art training can become very good at. People memorize the patterns and take their drawings to a higher level of complexity. Pieces can be abstract collections of the patterns or representational art adorned with the patterns. You can also create you own pattern and share the idea.

Here is a free website that collects many patterns and links to their instructions:


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