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Recycled Art: Jeans Brush Holder

This is an easy project to recycle jeans or slacks into a brush holder.  You can roll it up or hang it somewhere.  I put mine on the back of a chair so I can just grab short handled paint brushes when I need to.  This would also hold some pencils.

  1. Cut out the backside and choose if you want one or both pockets.
  2. Hem the top edge some fabric cut to the size of the holder and sew on three sides; make sure the hemmed top edge is up along the top. This makes the whole unit have a third, larger pocket.  I put paper towels into mine.
  3. If you want ribbons or elastic to hang or tie the roll, pin them in place before you sew the whole brush holder together.  Test out how the placement of the ribbons or elastic works for either hanging or sewing before you commit to sewing them in place.  If you only want to hang the holder, placing these in the upper corners would be good.  If you only want to roll the brush holder, one ribbon or two ribbons works better centered.  I wanted to do both and positioned two ribbons in the top third of the seam between the backing and the jeans.
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