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Visually Speaking Show to Open Election Night

Visually Speaking

A “non-political” political art show

from Lucid Artist Co-op Gallery


We’ve watched the debates, saw the negative ads, heard the carefully crafted rhetoric… 

Now it’s time to let art do the talking on the issues we care about; in a direct, unadulterated, above-partisanship way.


This Tuesday night, come party with us as we open the doors to this new exhibit and watch the election results live!

Art by Shellie Lewis

Tuesday, November 6
From 5.30 PM till final election results announcement
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Petroff Photography Studio

17 N. Elizabeth St.

Chicago, IL 60607
(West Loop)

Free street parking available after 6pm

free group show of artists “visually speaking” with media ranging from acrylics and silkscreen to collage, photography, and more!


Participating artists:

Lisa Tornatore, Julian Cox, Grace Kroll, Tom Petroff, Mark Hudson, Chris O’Connell, Shellie Lewis, Tigerlily Cross, Michelle Sharpe, Jessica Q. Lucas, Micah Lana, Rob McQuillan, and Sarah Katherine Green.


Exhibit dates & hours:

Nov. 6 to 24

Election Tuesday, 5.30pm to final results

Fridays, 4.30-7.30pm; Saturdays, noon to 6.00pm
Hosted and sponsored by Tom Petroff Photography and Fine Arts Printing.




Visit our Facebook page for more details.



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