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Your Stupid Pet Card

Your Stupid Pet Card by Shellie Lewis, collage on illustration board, 11″ x 17″

I seriously relate to why Takashi Murikami has angst.  I wish people would stop the anthropomorphism of animals and our food, and the anthropomorphism food is particularly ridiculous.  At least animals are alive.  We have a gecko selling us car insurance, hamsters selling us cars and a duck selling us bridge insurance simultaneously on television.  Screw the cute animals; I’m holding out for something being sold by a rattlesnake or ferocious predator.  If a talking wolf pitches a brand of vodka, I’m going out to buy it.

I’m not sure if the advertising world thinks we are all children or if I am stuck in an Aesop story.  At least I figured out how to get rid of the dopey cards I get in the mail.  The macaw was particularly annoying for yelling at me with a word balloon that I was overdue to make an appointment for an eye exam.  Hey stupid bird, I don’t have money or insurance right now, so get off my back!

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