LocktOberfest 2012

A few months back I came up with an idea for an event for TOOOL [The Open Organisation of Lockpickers] because they have the most popular ongoing classes at Pumping Station: One.  I thought it would be nice if they threw a party.  Also, I like dorky ideas and pitched it as LocktOberfest.  I made cuckoo clock graphic, a website went up, fliers were printed and an event was born.  Extra bonus for the donated beer from Revolution Brewing, the internally home brewed beer from the hackerspace members [used blowtorch to caramelize canned pumpkin for one batch] and donated bratwurst from Peoria Packing.  There were ongoing classes and contests all last Saturday and quite a nice turn out.  This looks like it will be an annual event going forward.

I felt I had to pull my weight, since I cook a lot.  Coming with a jar of Ingelhoffer mustard is a plus but not enough in my book.  Since I’m a nice ethnic overlap average to Chicago [Mickmackrautlimeyinjun is my complete ethnoslurrific break down] I had some old school off-the-boat grandparent education to put to good use.  I made a huge triple batch of home-made spaetzle, all lumpy and home-made like my grandma had made.  I was worried about it coming out right, since I have not made spaetzle since I was a child, and my grandmother is no longer around to confer with.  I did write down her recipe a long time ago.  I also lack a spaetzle board kitchen tool.  I asked a friend currently working in Germany to see if he could buy one for me.  It’s a wooden board and a cutting blade, but it turns out the Germans don’t bother making spaetzle anymore.  They just buy it in stores.  Where’s the love, Deutschland?

I strive to improvise my way through problems and wound up using my pizza peel and a bamboo spatula.  Actually it worked pretty good!  I spent a bit over an hour and boiled my way through the three batches of dough.  I’ve made linguine and pirogi dough before, so the spaetzle recipe is really simple.  You shove eggs into flour with a dash of water, essentially.  That’s most pasta, really.  I just hope no one was on a diet, because I fried the lot of it in two whole sticks of butter.  Happy LocktOberfest!

  1. Steve
    October 22, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Shellie your spaetzle was so good!!! The butter made it so creamy and was very welcome on that chilly afternoon. Thank you so much for spending the time and love to make it. If you come up with any other good puns for lock parties let us know, we could use another excuse.


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