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Digital Book Cover

Meinala and Demetrius and Enchiridia by Shellie Lewis, Adobe Photoshop

I am still working to grow my digital skill set.  I can’t even write “newly fledged skill set” with a clear conscience.  I’m still at the stage where my digital ability is like a baby bird: small, naked, ugly, lacking feathers, hanging out in a nest and no where near flight capability.  I made a book cover for someone who has a fantasy novel.  She is young and has no money to hire anyone.  I am bored and need practice.  Thus a collaboration was born!

The main character is a young woman traveling magical lands with her talking Fennec fox.  It’s a high fantasy and the main character is a magic user.  I got permission to modify the image of the main model to more closely resemble the fictional character and credit all my stocks on the posting for this work on deviantART.  All stock images came from dA or morgueFile.  I had to cut out, modify, color change and heavily manipulate each image.  I also dropped high res copies of the cut out gems into the dA stock folder for other people to use.  I put about twelve hours in on this illustration and the author is happy with it.  She’s submitting the book for a writing contest so it’s an online thing.  I slammed this 8.5 x 11 inches and 300 dpi so it can be shrunk to any size needed but was high resolution in case high res is needed.  I just better get an advanced copy of the book to read!

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