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The Last Two Art Patch Project Designs

October 9th would have been the birthday for Chicago street artist and activist Chris Drew had he not died May 7, 2012.  No one took down his Facebook feed, so the stupid social media software was reminding me to wish him a happy birthday.  That was creepy, and sad.  I found the number of people writing not a memorial or commemoration for his former Facebook wall but wrote instead “Happy Birthday!!” bizarre.  I feel that the dead do not have birthdays; they are dead and had a birth date.  Birthdays are for the living.  If some factoid advises that today is Mozart’s 256th birthday, that is even more illogical.  No one lives that long so we should say it is the anniversary of the person’s birthday or something more sensible.

I never got to print these last two creations for the Art Patch Project.  Chris was in the hospital with the keys to the studio space.  We were out of photo-emulsion to burn silkscreens and he went into rapid decline.  The art works and greater action largely supported his cause in fighting his protest arrest for street vending art and the felony eavesdropping charge of audio recording his own arrest by the police on the sidewalk in public.

As is the case with all of the other Art Patch contributions I created from August 2011 through May 2012, these are open source, Copyleft and may be used in the public domain barring any appropriation, interpretation or extrapolation that promotes oppression toward others and attacks, insults or hate rhetoric toward any group, sexual orientation, gender, race or ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. 

I had been shopping out thrift stores for the sheets I liked to use for fabric patches and was looking for a nice floral pattern to print behind this art patch.  I liked working with the patterns fabric like here and here.  They were fun and this method was an easy way o print fast and get color in the work.

This is a Chicago thing.  There is a decades old folk song called “Lincoln Pirates” because the Lincoln Towing Company will haul your car off, even if it is not illegal parked or broken down somewhere.  They are notorious car thieves and were even caught stripping stolen cars in a police sting, yet strangely are still in business.  The time they got me, I stepped into a 7/11 store for about five minutes and the car was gone that fast.

  1. October 22, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Chris Drew was one super talented street artist. His work will always resonate in the minds of his fans.

  2. r4v5
    April 12, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Oddly enough I happened upon his Facebook from another friend’s link and had the exact same creepy realization when I saw all the people wishing him a happy birthday (and a few even a joyous rest of the year). Is this what happens when we die, now? We become ghosts in the machine?

    • April 13, 2013 at 9:21 pm

      Death and the internet is definitely a digital wilderness. 8( It’s too new to have etiquette and rules. I had put on his “wall” a showing of the art patches and the memorial painting I made of Chris, but no one came or commented. I don’t know who has control of the account if anyone and I just removed it from my feed. Earlier today, my boyfriend learned of the death of a remote acquaintance because the mother posted a one year memorial event – yet he had no idea this person had died at all. My friend wound up shocked horribly because she learned her young cousin had committed suicide and was dead, a family member blurted it out on Facebook before she got any other kind of notice and she got the worst shock learning like that.

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