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How To Make Inchies and Twinchies

Here are some guidelines in making Inchies and Twinchies since there are few hard-and-fast rules beyond the required dimensions.  An Inchie is one inch square; a Twinchie [which sounds more adorable] is two inches square.  I am still on the path to doing trades in Swap-Bot and have agreed to trades for Inchies and Twinchies to get rated.  These are hand-made embellishments for paper crafting, coveted by people who make scrap books and cards. They also find their way into collage art, jewelry making and assemblage art.  Here is where my reading has led me:

  • They can be treated the same as artist trading cards and can be fully drawn or painted.  I did a three layer collage with Asian papers and gold paint in the set I made above.  Despite their tiny dimensions, people want these to be as detailed as possible.  Many of the ones for sale online that I found were elaborate digital collages.  The idea: pack as much punch as you can onto the surface.
  • If trading, read the rules about adding manufactured items. Many times people want their Inchies and Twinchies to be as flat as possible to be glued onto paper or pages. Sometimes plastic gems, sequins, ribbon, etc. are welcomed. “Sticker slapping” is the lazy use of manufactured stickers in lieu of design work and is frowned upon.
  • Square them as best as you can.  People want straight edges and perfect corners.  I used a Fiskars paper trimmer and a guillotine paper cutter to cut everything.
  • Some rigidity is preferred.  I followed one blog recommendation and used recycled chipboard [in this case a cereal box and other food packaging] for the backing material.
  • People like them in sets so they have a few to work with.  A minimum of six to a set seems to be the preferred number for traders.  Commercially offered digital collage sets have a dozen or more.
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