Where the Trades Are

It is hard to find a good place to trade ACEOs and ATCs.  I have run low on the available people that want to trade artist trading cards / ACEOs on Etsy.  It’s hard to offer trades in a retail forum where everyone is panning for gold, but I did get some really great trades and met some great people in the process.  I wanted to make more ATCs and trade more.  Trading is more fun than trying to sell.  Also, I would rather have the art I traded for than the few dollars selling got me; trading for other cards is more rewarding.  I have fanned out and found three trading forums where the hot action is.  They are all linked to here.

Logo by Kowulz


Trades on deviantART run on the honor system but no one has stiffed me.  I love dA and all of the creative, talented people on board.  I have two groups I have joined and have made trades with people in both.  The internal Note system makes it easy to agree to trades and exchange mailing addresses.  Joining two large, established trading groups has been tremendous fun.  The platform is free and easy to use.


  • A very detailed and organized image gallery of artist trading cards.
  • You may join the ongoing reference list of people willing to trade in this group.  Future traders can find you here.


  • A wide range of styles and media.
  • International traders have been really reliable.


I just joined this forum and am feeling my way around.  I have already jumped into my first trade agreement.  There is an internal rating system and you need to get some points ranking on the platform before many groups accept you.  Prove your worth in the trenches of the open forum trades.  “Angels” send an extra as a voluntary gift rather than trade if someone in the group gets stiffed and “Flakes” are people that fail to mail their trades.  The site is an overall barter system; people can trade anything from yarn balls to bottle caps to bubblegum.  There is a big core of ACEO ATC APC traders.  The platform is free but set time aside to read through the volume of FAQs and new user information tutorials.

  • You could not get bored if you tried, there is so much activity!  I have fanned out to some other paper crafting items because I am on the hunt for a good rating.
  • You can start a trade on your own and the site is particularly geared to support a multi-person trade.

Now I just need to get cracking on making more ATCs.  My fully painted artist trading cards, especially custom requests, have been the most popular.  I have also discovered Twinchies and can see getting hooked on those as well.  If you are not familiar, I may advise you to stay away from the Twinchie crack, a paper crafting addiction particular to hand-made card makers and scrapbookers.

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