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Art Sent By Mail: Hockey Card Cartoons

My HBBF [Hockey Blogger Boyfriend] has been buying these spot cartoons from 1976 on eBay.  They were to illustrate “fun facts” about players on the back of the cards for the 1976 – 77 season.  We do not know who the artist was, none are signed and the seller has no information.  I think they were all done by the same person and handed off to a second person who cut out the cartoon and pasted it onto another page to letter. I have one of the old plastic lettering guides around somewhere if I look for it; you slid the guide along a ruler and put the pencil in the different holes to get the even lines to put text in.

Each cartoon is on Bristol,  drawn in dip pen and India ink over pencil lines.  The blue lines are an old “non-photo” pencil that would not show up on photocopiers.  Any cut edges of the cartoon on the lettered piece of Bristol or unwanted lines could be covered in Wite-Out and photocopied again [aka analog Photoshop].

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