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Art Sent By Mail: Art For Soldiers Part 2

I have changed my post card project for USO care packages because the Chicago office was running really low on their supply of post cards and were not able to give me more the last time I visited.  The surface I had been working on for each piece was now gone.  This meant I needed to totally overhaul the project in order to continue making contributions.  I took some of the paper supply for members at Pumping Station: One.  I cut larger 80# cover stock sheets down into 4″ x 6″ rectangles.  I was then back in the post card business but with a totally blank slate.

I decided the project needed another dimension.  Sending a post card to a soldier is nice; but unless they get hung up on a wall as a decoration, the post cards are not very useful.  I decided to make the new works into a gift, something that could be appreciated when received and then used by the recipients.  The new version can be used as decorations, sent forward to loved ones or bartered for uneaten portions of MREs or chewing gum.  I have no idea how they will be used but I do hope they make at least a few people feel better.

I wrapped these in plastic with colored envelopes and a short printed note for each one.  I made one hundred and they will be delivered to the USO soon.  They should be going out in the mail in the near future.

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