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Once Upon a Blue Dragon

My friend Jim has a miniatures and gaming blog and he wanted some art for it.  Since he likes dragons and I have been trying to work with digital art lately, I made him a dragon cartoon in Adobe Illustrator.  I then moved the black outlines to Photoshop to color and airbrush the cartoon.  I matched the light gray background to a color on his blog design by using the eyedropper tool on a screen capture of the main page.

I created a new file in Photoshop to use the cartoon on a 1200 x 150 pixel banner for the blog.  I used Celtic Garamond the 2nd for the main font but took the Rs from Viking.  The Rs on CG2 are clipped and a bit hard to read.  Both fonts are free to download at DaFont.com.

Now here’s where the story gets interesting.  Jim ran to put this banner and the colored cartoon up on his blog yesterday.  He pulled a miniature out to photograph to go with the post.  This miniature was the first one he ever painted, on his birthday fourteen years ago, and I took him out to our local hobby shop and bought it for him.  I made the cartoon blue and gold and was waiting for IKEA dragon jokes.  I did not consciously remember that Jim’s first miniature looked like my cartoon.

Jim wrote all about how he remembers the day and the little dragon.  What I remember from 1998 is that I was giving all my liquid income to the hobby shop for miniatures, paints and Magic the Gathering cards.  At least, what liquid income was left over from rent, utilities, food and comic books.  It probably does not help that the miniatures were all made of lead back then and I was holding them and painting them a lot.

Shout out to the gamers.  YOU ARE ALL GEEKS! Glad I did my part to spread the sickness.

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