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Evanston Mini Maker Faire Recap

Power Wheels racing madness!

I ran silkscreen demos for the whole day at the Evanston Mini Maker Faire last Sunday.  I wound up ditching out Saturday because just as I was about to leave home, the skies unleashed a thunderstorm.  I was not about to drag a car load of art and paper into that weather.  I was really frustrated but I stayed home.  The rain eased up later in the evening; but I realized by the time I got to the event and set up, I would have an hour or less of daylight left.  I sought to make up for Saturday by rolling out demos on Sunday and ran them for seven hours straight.  (I am exhausted today!)

I was able to bucket wash my screen and squeegee a few times and had a steady flow of people working on designs.  I took a quick walk around the event but I really did not have time to stop and see much.  Someone did have a huge, boss 3-D printer on display.  I caught a few glimpses of the races.  My HBBF took these photos for me.  I was getting coated in successive layers of acrylic process inks.  More than 250 original art works were screen printed and carried home.  Next time, I also need to remember that children are height challenged and to bring some step stools.  At the end of the day, the crowd had basically left by five o’clock, I loaded up for home and my spoiled, needy dogs were indignant and whining at being left to the care of my dog walker.  I was whimpering for a shower, a beer and a cheeseburger.  My HBBF kept putting wet works up to dry all day long and took me out for a much needed bite at the end of the night.

Photos by Sal J. Barry

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