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Simulate Painting Textures in Photoshop

Here are steps for a great method to create the appearance of paint texture of a digital art work in Photoshop.  Start with a high resolution scan or photograph of a painting.  I have this image of a painting at 300 dpi above.  (If it downloads at a lower resolution, I can get you a a better copy.)  The scan of the physical painting will be the basis to add texture with the following steps: open your digital art, then open the texture painting on a layer above the digital painting.  Go to Image > Mode > convert to Grayscale if you just want the brush strokes.  Change blending mode of the layer to Color Burn with 14% opacity; make duplicate layer of the painting, change the blending mode to Vivid Light with 35% opacity; make another duplicate layer, change the blending mode to Soft Light.  These three layers will give the brushstrokes a chance to show well without covering the original digital art work.  You can tinker with the opacity levels for different effects.  I have learned these steps work well with a variety of textures.  The steps are part of a project in the book lessons in the book Creative Photoshop CS4: Digital Illustration and Art Techniques by Derek Lea [2009].

The paintings I uploaded to morgueFile are now processed by the free photos database and are showing with the tag search “abstract painting”.  You can search for other open source digital textures or make your own.  I think I will look into scanning various papers like Unryu Chiri, mango and papyrus.

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