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Moss Graffiti

I just read a blog post with pictures of different uses of “moss paint”.  The moss is alive and clings to the surface of buildings.  This is being touted as a low toxin, environmentally friendly  form of graffiti.  I think it looks great. It is something you have to make yourself:

Not only is it less harmful for the environment, moss paint is incredibly easy to make. You just need a few handful of moss clumps, some buttermilk or yogurt, water (beer is preferred), have a tea spoon of sugar and if you’re really feeling artsy, add some corn syrup to the mix too. Mix these all up in a blender until you reach a paint-like consistency and voila!

See more images using moss paint at the [source]; the above photographs were taken from here.  I Googled “moss paint” and found lots of images.  Click here for exact measurements for a recipe.

It seems to work very well with stencils but different articles indicate it can be applied with paint brushes.  Further reading clarifies you want the you use moss to be live, you want to wash away as much soil from the roots as you can, the corn syrup is a thickener to keep it from dripping and it will last as long as it does not dry out so much as to die.  Rough, craggy surfaces are recommended to adhere it to.   I wonder where I can get a big load of live moss from…

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