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Paying It Forward on morgueFile

I keep getting top shelf, high resolution photographs for free on morgueFile.com, so it is high time I paid into the system.  I spent about three hours finding and uploading over 70 photographs and scans to the creative commons area of the site.  I included a lot of shots of backgrounds from works in progress of paintings and abstract paintings for people to use digitally.  Now my old work in progress can be a part of someone’s new work.

In 2010, I mushed around a lot of thinned oil paints onto photo paper for some experimental abstract paintings.  I also scanned them at 300 dpi once they were dry, because they will be the most useful for backgrounds and layers in digital image design.  This is a fun overlap of traditional media and digital media.  There are all sorts of splotches, brush strokes and drips in the images.  I used a lot of weird colors but they can be converted to grayscale.  I cropped each one and slammed Levels in Photoshop before I uploaded them.  You can search for the tag “abstract painting” on morgueFile or I can email them to you as .jpg files.  Contact me at ARTG33K74{at}gmail.com.

If you use them, let me know!  I would be excited to see what people do with them.  Album covers?  Digital painting? I can only guess where they go and I probably will never see the majority of it.

I varnished this one, matted and framed it and gave it to my friend Jim for his apartment.

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